Most shoes can harm your mobility by over-restricting your foot’s natural movement. With a Bearfoot shoe, designed with minimal restrictions, you can move the way nature intended with strength and confidence in every step.

Why should I spend the same amount of money on a shoe with less material?


Yes we use less material, but its higher quality and more value-add. We use only genuine suede leather, high quality canvas and rubber. We don't waste your dollars on unnecessary features.

I have orthotics, I can't wear Bearfoot shoes.


Orthotics are great for temporarily relief. However, we believe everyone can transition into a minimalist shoe given the right process. Our customer care team can help guide you.

Why do I need Bearfoot shoes, my feet feel fine?


Your feet might feel good right now, but that might not always be the case. Dysfunctional movement caused by modern shoes can lead to problems later in life whether in your foot, knee, hip, or back.

Minimalist shoes aren't comfortable.


Your feet will thank you when they are able to move more freely. Our customers tell us all the time how comfortable they feel even when wearing them all day.

I'm not a powerlifter or strongman


Minimal functional footwear like our shoes can benefit you regardless of how you intend to use them. They offer you a more natural movement pattern to live a healthier lifestyle.

Co-Founded by


After multiple surgeries and years of intense training, Chris started from the ground up to rebuild his strength and get out of pain.

He is the only human to squat and deadlift 1,000 lbs for repetitions. He credits much of his success to proper bio-mechanics which starts with optimal foot health.


We offer products to help fix your feet, improve athletic performance and maintain your new shoes.

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