1: Self Education – Start learning about foot mechanics and foot health. We can try to help as much as we can, but in the end it is up to you to educate yourself. We tend to think very little about our feet and how they are functioning, yet they are a large player in the proper movement of our body parts upstream. Learning more about your feet might help your knee, hip, or back pain if you discover some sort of disfunctions. There are great resources online and on social media such as The Foot Collective, Squat University, Kabuki Strength, and others that explain a lot of the body mechanics and health issues related to the feet, and we are also trying to build up our Bearfoot Blog with good info.


2: Outside the Gym - Spend more time on your feet barefoot and/or wearing minimalist shoes. Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the big players in modern foot problems, and so are modern shoes. Stand more at work. Go for a walk and perform various new movements while barefoot. Toe spreaders such as Correct Toes can be a great tool to help with proper toe alignment if used correctly. If you start to challenge your feet, they will respond. Literally take it step by step, and you will improve.


3: Inside the Gym - Work on rooting, foot strength, and foot engagement while lifting barefoot and/or wearing minimalist shoes. Practice proper rooting techniques during your standing movements and perform more of your accessory lifts standing. Start being mindful of how your feet are working and learn to use the foot tripod to grab the ground. You can find various foot drills online to help you learn these techniques properly. Kabuki Strength preaches proper foot mechanics as one of their most important Principles of Loaded Movement. To put it simply, a better ground connection equals better power transfer and bigger lifts.


Start with these three very simple steps to reclaim your feet. They are simple, yet very powerful. Moving our bodies to improve our health should not be overly complicated. Just get started.