Finding Your Perfect Fit by Anya's Reviews

Finding Your Perfect Fit by Anya's Reviews

At Bearfoot we like to have a deep pool of friends we can count on to HELP US HELP YOU.

That's why from time to time we will bring in people to share their trials on the rocky path to barefoot living.

We've dubbed these collaborations "Bearfoot Friend Features!"

This week we want to introduce you to Anya


Hi, Anya from Anya's Reviews here. 

Helping people find comfortable shoes that complement their lifestyle is my happy place. 

I love blowing people's minds with how versatile foot-friendly shoes can be - they're for far more than the gym!
But in practice, there are some roadblocks to getting shoes that fit well. We simply aren't used to paying attention to our feet! That's why I love to start with the basics. 
Foot features like shape, volume, and width can seriously impact what fits.

So if you've dabbled in barefoot shoes but didn't have success, don't give up! It likely was a fit issue, and there are ways of remedying that.


Find Your Foot Shape

Further below you'll see some common foot shapes 👇

Most people fall on a spectrum somewhere in between, but once you get familiar with your own foot shape you can start to look for shoes that will accommodate all your toes without squishing them.
Bearfoot shoes have a square-shaped toe box, so fit many different shapes ✅


Find Your Foot Volume

Volume is how tall your foot is, or how much vertical space it takes up.

If your shoes often feel snug over the top of your foot, you likely are high volume.

If by contrast your shoes are always flopping around and you have to tie laces tightly you're probably low volume.

Bearfoot shoes fit a high-volume foot best 🌲

That means if you have medium or low-volume feet you can look at their lace-up options or use a tongue pad to fill in extra space.


Find Your Foot Width 

This one can be tricky because there is no set way to determine your width, and modern shoes are so narrow it distorts our perception.

It usually requires some trial and error to hone in on the width most comfortable for you.

But again, simply by paying attention, you can start to orient yourself with shoes that fit your actual foot!
Bearfoot shoes fit wide to extra wide, so are great for beefy paws 🐾

Remember to find your perfect fit and have the most success living barefoot it's vital you consider:

  1. Foot Shape
  2. Foot Volume
  3. Foot Width

If you don't consider all these variables you're selling yourself short. A little research in the beginning will pay off big time for your feet in the future!

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There's no need to suffer with painful feet anymore!

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✌🏼❤️🦶🏼 (peace, love, & feet)

 - Anya

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