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Konnect Low Profile

  • Men's 3-3.5 | Women's 4-4.5
  • Men's 4-4.5 | Women's 5-5.5
  • Men's 5-5.5 | Women's 6-6.5
  • Men's 6-6.5 | Women's 7-7.5
  • Men's 7-7.5 | Women's 8-8.5
  • Men's 8-8.5 | Women's 9-9.5
  • Men's 9-9.5 | Women's 10-10.5
  • Men's 10-10.5 | Women's 11-11.5
  • Men's 11-11.5 | Women's 12-12.5
  • Men's 12-12.5 | Women's 13-13.5
  • Men's 13-13.5

Blumaka's Konnect Low Profile insoles provide athletes and active individuals with the means to attain the control, support, and capacity for explosive movements. This thin but mighty insole was designed to add just enough cushion to your feet without changing the fit of your shoes.

- Explosive Energy Return
- Start & Stop faster
- Cut Harder
- Reduce injury

10mm/5mm thickness

To ensure a perfect fit, begin by positioning your Bearfoot shoe atop the Blumaka insole. Use the outsole of your Bearfoot shoe as a guide to trace an outline on the insole, ensuring it matches your shoe's shape precisely. Carefully trim away excess insole material. Then, loosen the laces of your shoes to widen the opening, and gently insert the insoles directly over the existing ones in your Bearfoot shoes.

Dirt may reduce the tackiness of your Blumaka insoles. To clean, pull out Blumaka insoles and rinse with warm, soapy water. Shake off excess water and let the air dry. Do not put the insoles in the dryer.

- Made with up to 85% recycled performance foam
- 99% less water used than traditional EVA Manufacturing
- 65% less carbon generated to product our insoles than traditional EVA insole manufacturing

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