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Recovery Socks

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Foot recovery. One of the hottest topics in the health and wellness space, and undoubtedly a critical part of movement, wellness and performance.  

With the all-new Naboso Recovery Sock you can now release and recover your feet while simply walking around your home. 

Our Recovery Socks are unlike any other sock you've ever felt - guaranteed!     
The Ankle Recovery Sock is a beautiful arch compressive sock, similar to what you may already see on the market, however the secret sauce of this sock is what is on the inside.
We have brought the patent-pending Naboso texture onto the inside of our sock.    With every step you take our neuro-stimulating texture acts like a mini-massage for your feet enhancing circulation, stimulating nerves and releasing muscles and fascia. 
Recommended to be worn for at least 60 minutes at the end of the day or after a hard workout

Consistent use of the Naboso Recovery Sock can bring the much needed release and recovery that all of our feet deserve.
Move better - with Naboso.
And remember, it is what's on the inside that counts!
M5.5 - 7.5
L8 - 10
XL10.5 - 13


S4 - 6.5
M7 -9
L9.5 - 11
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