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Toe Bands


The ToeBands by BlackBoard are the first tensile strength bands specially developed for the foot. Their design was chosen in such a way that they allow isolated training of the feet and toes. Mobilization of the joints, strengthening of the muscles and the strengthening of neural pathways, all of this can be done quickly and easily with the ToeBands. The system techniques developed by BlackBoard are easy to use and make training with the ToeBands a real experience.

For an even more effective and targeted training of your base, the ToeBands can also be perfectly combined with the exercises on the blackboard.

Try it out and Free your Feet

When developing the ToeBands, we attached great importance to two things. We wanted a fair and environmentally friendly production and a resilient material that meets the highest hygienic standards. We found both at FLEXVIT®  – Flexible Sports GmbH. We look forward to a great cooperation.

1 ToeBand green -Strong-
The ToeBand green is primarily used to mobilize fixed and immobile joints and is used to strengthen already well trained foot muscles.

1 ToeBand -pink-
The ToeBand pink enables the strengthening of neural pathways and muscles that were previously less active and have lost their strength as a result.

Delivery includes

  • 1x ToeBand green – Strong
  • 1x ToeBand pink – Soft
  • Manual (+Videos)
  • Storage bag

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