Zoom Kabuki/Bearfoot Ursus-Lux [HT]
Zoom Kabuki/Bearfoot Ursus-Lux [HT]

Kabuki/Bearfoot Ursus-Lux [HT]



The collaboration of the year is here—Kabuki has once again joined forces with Bearfoot Shoes to bring you an ultra-limited Ursus release. Available for a short time only, introducing the very first installment in the Bearfoot Ursus “Lux” line—a lightweight canvas high top shoe in an eye-catching OD Green.

The Ursus-Lux is everything you love about Bearfoot Shoes, but even lighter. Manufactured with high-grade canvas, the Lux line weighs 18% less than the suede Ursus.


  • Wide toe box
  • Zero drop
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Extreme grip
  • Width: EE
  • Made with quality cotton canvas
  • Vegan
  • Developed by Esquivel Shoes
  • American materials assembled in Mexico

The Ursus-Lux design is the same as other shoes in the Bearfoot Ursus family, with a focus on FUNCTION FIRST. A Wide Toe-Box for full toe splay and freedom, Ultra-Thin Outsoles for feeling the ground and engaging the feet, Zero-Drop for proper body mechanics and alignment, Flexible & Lightweight Materials to give that “barely there” feel.

Our last Kabuki x Bearfoot collab sold out in less than three days, so don't sleep on this the mega-limited OD Green Ursus Lux. This shoe is the second official collaboration between Kabuki Strength co-founder and the Mad Scientist himself, Chris Duffin and his other brand, Bearfoot Shoes.

These High-Tops are embroidered with our iconic Kabuki Squat Face branding. Just like the Kabuki-Bearfoot Krimson Ursus, once this edition is gone, it's gone for good--don't miss out on adding this great color and lightweight material to your Bearfoot collection just in time for the hot summer months! 

What makes a good “barefoot” shoe? The two ideas might seem contradictory, but there is no reason why they can’t complement each other.

We believe that everyone should spend as much time barefoot as possible for health and performance purposes. However, there are a number of obvious reasons why people don’t want to go completely barefoot all the time.

Because of this, we are turning our attention towards creating a shoe. But we’re not just creating another ordinary training shoe. We are creating a perfectly shaped, natural feeling, ultra-minimalist shoe. And although we designed this shoe for strength athletes and strength training, the Ursus can be used in almost any application.

The further we've “advanced” in footwear, the less natural our shoes have become. Modern feet are nothing like the feet of our ancestors. It's about time we get back to our roots and make shoes that actually let our feet function like they are supposed to. Shoes should not cripple and atrophy our feet. They should provide the bare minimum of protection and let the foot do its job.

Our focus is on function first: a wide toe box, thin sole, and flexible materials. THEN we want the shoe to have a simple, classic style. Many minimalist shoes sacrifice one for the other. We gave the Ursus an uncomplicated design which looks good and complements the strengths of your feet.

Kabuki/Bearfoot Ursus-Lux [HT]