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Introducing a unique subscription-based insurance service for your footwear. Our In-SHOE-rance offers comprehensive coverage for all your footwear needs, ensuring peace of mind with every step. We provide expert, personalized assistance to address and resolve any issues regarding your Bearfoot shoes or boots, whether through repair or replacement. If your shoes are damaged, we'll provide a fast and easy repair process, either managing the repairs ourselves or reimbursing you for local cobbler services. For cases where repair isn't an option, we will promptly provide you with a replacement pair of the same model at no extra cost, ensuring your Bearfoot journey continues uninterrupted and your feet remain strong and healthy.

  • The first month is FREE! Afterward, continue service at a small monthly fee.
  • Must be purchased within 30 days of purchase.
  • Only available for footwear products (not including Bearly-Used items).
  • Cancel at any time. Footwear will be covered for 30 days after your last payment.
  • ONE In-SHOE-rance covers ONE pair of shoes/boots.