Bearfoot Ursus: Canvas Low-Top Barefoot Shoe | Bearfoot
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Ursus Canvas Low-Top

"I’ve tried deadlifting in socks and never felt comfortable with my stability doing so. Because of this, I’ve always deadlifted in shoes but felt like I needed to be lower to the ground. This shoe has been the best lifting gear purchase I’ve ever made, right along with a quality belt. First heavy deadlift session left me smiling. At least I smiled inside as I was gasping for air and waiting for the hearing to go back to normal lol. Love these things. I felt connected to the ground, but more stable than being without shoes at all. I can’t recommend these enough!" - Andrew S.

Ursus Canvas Low-Top

“Perfect lifting shoes. Incredibly comfortable but also lets your feet do the work. Will be getting more.” - JM

Ursus Canvas Low-Top

“Great for lifting, comfortable and well built.” - Zac S.

Bearfoot - Splay Socks - Accessory

Splay Socks



Bearfoot - Splaycers - Accessory




Bearfoot - A.W.E.some Wraps - Accessory

A.W.E.some Wraps



Increased Muscle Engagement

Bearfoot shoes don't restrict your foot's natural movement, which can help strengthen the muscles in your feet and lower legs.

Decreased Joint & Back Pain

By allowing your feet to move naturally and providing a stable platform, Bearfoot Shoes can help alleviate joint and back pain over time.

Improved Proprioception

Bearfoot shoes enhance your body's awareness of its position and movement, which can improve balance and coordination.

Better Posture & Joint Alignment

Bearfoot Shoes encourage proper alignment of your feet, which can have a positive impact on your overall posture and joint alignment.

Enhanced Sensory Feedback

Wearing Bearfoot shoes allows you to feel the ground beneath your feet, providing valuable sensory feedback and better awareness of your environment.

Wide Toe Box:

To promote natural toe splay, balance, and stability. Allowing the toes to distribute weight evenly, reduce discomfort, and enhance proprioception, leading to stronger, healthier feet.

Flat (Zero-Drop) Sole:

Promoting a more natural gait and reducing the risk of injuries associated with an elevated heel. The design enhances proprioception and stability by enabling greater surface area contact with the ground, which is essential for better balance and reduced impact forces during movement.

Flexible Frame:

Allowing for a full range of motion and mimicking natural foot movement, this design enhances foot mechanics, muscle activation, stability, and balance. It reduces the impact of stiff footwear, increases muscle engagement, and prevents injuries by evenly distributing pressure across the foot.



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